Dummies come into particularly intensive contact with the delicate, permeable mucous membrane of the baby‘s mouth. This is why the requirements for dummies are particularly high: regarding their safety, the absence of toxic and allergenic substances, their physiological shape and hygiene.
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The shield is also made entirely out of natural rubber. It is soft and flat allowing for free movement of the lip and mouth musculature for active and intense activity. This has positive effects on the development of the mouth and facial muscles.
Three large vent holes in the shield prevent adhesion, reddening of the skin by its prolonged contact with saliva or skin rashes around the mouth.
The shield and nipple are connected securely, thus preventing the dummy from falling apart.
The grip ring is soft and flexible and prevents chafing on the face when the child is in a sleeping position. The straight grip ring stimulates the gripping reflex.
The nipple is soft, flexible and symmetrical. As a result, the tongue has the necessary space for active movement which has a positive effect on its ability to sense the oral cavity.
Goldi dummy is made entirely of pure and natural rubber
Here are several reasons to choose the Goldi dummy for your baby:
EN 71-3*
EN 14350-2*
EN 14001-2-3*

* German certified audit report 2013
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www.goldi-sauger.com/Goldi Service

The dummy is made entirely out of pure natural rubber and is completely soft, flexible and free from harmful substances since it complies with the high quality standards and safety regulations of the European Standard EN 1400.
Free from
bisphenol A
according to 
a certified 
test method

for further information: 
www.goldi-sauger.com/Goldi Service
A German test magazine tested our dummies made out of natural rubber and graded both the natural form and the sloping form as very good. All GOLDI products made out of natural rubber are produced for more than 20 years from the same raw material by the same processing method. The ingredients are constantly tested by a German certified institute according to EU Norm. The GOLDI guarantee for safe use: all tested ingredients not only are below the legal limits but below the limits of quantification.